Give a dog a bad name…..

We were in France recently and met a young man with a beautiful nine month old ‘Rotty’ puppy. He was sleek and gentle and very well behaved. Naturally, we asked his name. “Beware”, said the young man. “But he is a lovely gentle little chap”, we said….

“What do you mean”, he said, “That’s his name.”

The conversation so far had been in French. When I asked if he spoke English, he said, “Not a word”.

When we told him what “Beware” meant, he was horrified… he had seen a notice saying ‘Beware the dog’, and liked the sound of it.

We thought it was such an amusing name anyway, but to realise that he had no idea what it meant, made it even funnier.

2 thoughts on “Give a dog a bad name…..

  1. Elizabeth Olive Betteley

    I loved this amusing tale and although not connected with the animal world, this reminds me of the time we had a French student staying with us whilst we we redecorating. We came to a halt because as we explained to him, “the paint had run out”. I can still see him shaking his head & the puzzled look on his face!!


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