Humane Mousetraps

Someone I know was having occasional visits from individual members of a family of mice.

Being a kindly sort of a chap, he bought a ‘Humane mousetrap’, in order to be able to remove each uninvited guest from his home without harming it.

The trap worked well. He took the trap (now full of mouse) to his local Tesco car park to release his little friend into the shrubbery to play with other members of his clan, deposited on other occasions.
Now this little mouse seemed somewhat bewildered at first….. You know the feeling?

You have had a stressful day.

You’ve arrived in the Tesco carpark…..

‘Which colour zone am I in so I can find the way back here?….

Have I got my purse? …..

Have I got my Tesco card?…..

Have I got my shopping list?’

Beware, dear Blogreader, lest the same fate befalls you in a Tesco carpark as that which zapped our tiny hero.

Even as he got his act together and headed away, a huge magpie hopped onto him and in one gulp he was gone.

So much for humane mousetraps!

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