Postmen & Rubber Bands

Is it just in this area?

Or do ALL postmen litter the place with large red rubber bands?

Clearly there must be an endless supply of rubber bands available to postmen to bundle up letters to make their daily deliveries easier, as each morning as I walk my dog, there are more and more of them on the ground.

Peculiarly, too, they seem to gather in groups on street corners, maybe indicating that the postmen are creatures of habit, always stashing the same houses together, so always liberating letters from their bonds at the same place.

Having been brought up in a family who embraced recycling before the name was even thought up, I cannot understand why each postman cannot resist the temptation to chuck these items away, pop them over his wrist (or in a pocket, if too tight) and re-use them all the following day.

Think of the saving in expenditure on rubber bands over the period of a year, over the whole country. The price of postage might even be reduced
However, perhaps somebody high up in the system has shares in company which produces red rubber bands?

But the worst result of this laziness is the unsightly heaps of bits of red rubber littering not only the streets, but people’s gardens as well.

If any postmen happen upon this blog, perhaps they might wish to send a comment?

3 thoughts on “Postmen & Rubber Bands

  1. Bob

    About 2 years ago the Royal Mail decieded it would be cheaper to provide it’s employees with below standard red rubber bands,instead of the golden colour,high quality rubbers it had issued for years.
    The old ones lasted for weeks if not months,while the newer red ones are brittle and break very easily.So postmen and I assume postwomen too basically can’t be arsed to keep them because they know they won’t last very long.
    Hope this helps.

  2. Ben

    hey Lesley
    it's the same in London where I live, you get them all over the street and my parents being the resourceful, environment loving folks that they are go round collecting them whenever they walk about town

    no sign of them yet in BCN though, i imagine it can't be long

  3. Scott

    Couldn’t agree with you more – at both of my previous addresses in Telford I frequently found the path from my front door to my gate littered with the confounded things.

    If I were a postman, I’d hang my head in shame…


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