Anti junk mail Postie suspended

Hooray for the Postie in Barry, South Wales who gave the people on his round the information to help them to block the delivery of unsolicited junk mail …. even though his employers have seen fit to suspend him from duty,(on full pay).

Hooray too for Declan Curry on BBC Breakfast TV who gave us an email address to contact to stop the delivery of all mail not personally addressed, in addition to the usual preference system. The address is:

I sent an email this morning. About an hour later I received an application form to print off and send to the Royal Mail. It was accompanied by a warning that by doing so, I might miss out on important messages from Local Government.

So what? If their messages were important, they could address them to me personally. They know well enough where I live when they want their Council Tax

6 thoughts on “Anti junk mail Postie suspended

  1. Rich Boakes

    So let me get this straight: a helpful, considerate, proactive and ecologically minded “face of the Royal Mail” has been suspended by whom?

    Anyone in the management chain that failed to overturn this suspension before it was enforced should, in my humble opinion, resign, on the grounds that they are not fit to present themselves as the public face of the Royal Mail.

    These days one rarely gets to use the words ignominious and buffoon in close proximite, but it’s nice to see the Royal Mail’s management fulfilling their public service role in the respect.

    I’ll happily take a few days without mail if is colleagues would like to go on strike in support of this chap.

  2. L

    Somewhere along the way, I ‘lost’ an interesting comment from a postie, explaining the difference between yellow and red bands… sorry! Please come back and I’ll try to do you justice!… as i stated at the start of all this, it is a miracle that i am here at all!

  3. L

    It is certainly NOT my intention to put our postie out of business, Bob, on the contrary, I find it ridiculous that the postie in Barry was reprimanded and stands to lose HIS job for being proactive and helping people to access a service that already exists, but is kept a dark secret by Royal Mail.

    Not only are extra trees wasted producing all this junk mail, but it all takes up valuable landfill space when people who are too busy or too lazy, to recycle it, throw it into their waste bins


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