Looking for Irene Elizabeth Walker

I attended a reunion of Chelsea College students last weekend in London. We had a good time and saw lots of photos, particularly of “Thieves’ Carnival”, in which Irene played the lead.

My son tells me confidently that everybody eventually googles their own name… so Irene E. Walker … where are you? Everybody was asking about you.



There will be another get together in 2010… to celebrate the anniversary of our graduation… so you have plenty of time to google any or all of these names:-

Irene Elizabeth Adams

Irene Elizabeth Addams

Elizabeth Adams

Irene Green

Irene Greene

If you do find this page, please leave a comment and a lot of your old friends will be delighted to have found you.


3 thoughts on “Looking for Irene Elizabeth Walker

  1. Tricia Burris


    I finally made it to your website – it’s fun! How do you do it all?

    Seeing the mention of Irene Walker and “Thieves’ Carnival” brought back long lost memories. What a good job Irene did with that and what fun it was to be involved with the “B” version!

    Greetings to anyone who may see this and remember me.

  2. L

    Another bit of info, in case either of Irene’s two sons are googling these days… Philip Adams was the elder son, born around 1963 or 64,and Duncan Adams was a couple of years younger… so come on, boys get googling and find Irene for us! (I remember you swimming like water babies in Swansea Leisure Centre when you came to visit us)


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