Live TV (BBC)

Don’t you just love it when things go pear shaped?

This morning on ‘Breakfast’, Bill handed over to a female presenter on a beach who told us that edible crabs were being over-run by another type of crab, smaller and inedible, thus leaving edible crabs very expensive, due to their rarity, and indicating difficult times ahead for the fishing industry.

They had obviously not checked out their human exhibit. Introduced as ‘a local fisherman’, the chap first said that he was ‘not actually local, but from somewhere else’, then he denied that the dearth of edible crabs was anything at all to do with the takeover by the incoming breed, but it was, he said ‘a result of the introduction of windfarms’! What a plant by the anti wind generator brigade!

[Not a million years ago it might have been blamed on ‘Those Russians putting up Sputnics’?]

The poor presenter, whose face was a picture of confusion, will surely appear in the future as an star in one of Dennis Norden’s Christmas programmes!

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