Monthly Archives: October 2006


As this is the night when all self respecting ghosts and ghouls come out to play, I thought it fitting to air a true ghost story:

Some years ago, on a wet and windy day in November I was driving home for lunch along a deserted narrow lane in Swansea. Suddenly a pale sickly-looking old Bassett Hound sped out of a gateway and shot straight at the front of my car.

I braked hard in a vain attempt to avoid the animal, but Continue reading


We were in our late fifties, but still very active and forward looking.

Whilst we were preparing our boat for the retirement trip to the Med., we were in the process of having her dragged out of the water for the annual scrubbing of the bottom and the ritual application of antifouling paint. Continue reading

Travelling to Europe with a dog

This year, for the first time, we took our dog away with us to Europe.

Clearly we had followed all the Defra rules about the Pet Passport. She had had her anti-rabies jab and the blood test one month later. Then the necessary time had passed before we left (six months since the blood test) for us to be able to return to the UK in a hurry, should it have been necessary. On the advice of my vet, Continue reading