We were in our late fifties, but still very active and forward looking.

Whilst we were preparing our boat for the retirement trip to the Med., we were in the process of having her dragged out of the water for the annual scrubbing of the bottom and the ritual application of antifouling paint.

Unfortunately something went a bit wrong and I received a nasty injury to my right index finger which obviously needed surgery to save it. We both agreed that I should accept the offer from a friend to drive me to the local A & E department, whilst Dave got on with the antifouling as the lift back into the marina had been booked for the same evening.

Medical opinion at Singleton Hospital A & E centre was that micro- surgery at another hospital was necessary so I was whisked across the city in an ambulance.

Later that evening, and after several phone calls, each describing my condition as: ‘Comfortable’, or ‘In theatre’, or ‘In recovery’, an exhausted Dave (who had done all the taxing work which we would normally have shared) arrived at the hospital to see me,

At reception he was met by a sad faced young nurse who told him ‘I’m afraid your wife has taken a turn for the worse. Her condition is critical’.

Puzzled and frantic, he hurried along behind her to be shown into a private room where the very sick incumbent was almost hidden under a sheet.

Then the poor sick lady was revealed and he didn’t know
whether to laugh or cry for the lady in the bed was at least 95 years old, and clearly dreadfully ill.

“That’s not my wife!”, he cried, and it was the turn of the poor young nurse to be horrified at her mistake.

It was a very relieved husband who later found me sitting up in bed, right arm suspended from the metal contraption beside me, and eating a piece of quiche (left handed) which I gladly shared with him, as neither of us had had time to eat anything that day.

Thanks to the micro surgeons at Morriston Hospital, I recovered to sail another day……… though someone in the Yacht Club was heard to remark that people will go to ridiculous lengths to avoid having to do the antifouling

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