As this is the night when all self respecting ghosts and ghouls come out to play, I thought it fitting to air a true ghost story:

Some years ago, on a wet and windy day in November I was driving home for lunch along a deserted narrow lane in Swansea. Suddenly a pale sickly-looking old Bassett Hound sped out of a gateway and shot straight at the front of my car.

I braked hard in a vain attempt to avoid the animal, but there was no chance of stopping on such a wet road.

There was a sickening jolt and I felt the front, then the rear wheels go right over the dog, the car bouncing high into the air. The impact, added to the action of braking hard, left the car stationary.

I leapt from the car, dreading the mangled mess of dog that I was about to have to deal with…..To my amazement the dog had gone….Vanished!

There was no sign of blood on the road, which surprised me, but I feared that the poor animal was surely badly wounded by such an impact and had run away to fend for itself. I searched everywhere around but he was nowhere to be found.

Feeling upset and guilty (though it had not been my fault), I decided to go to the house at the top of the drive from which the dog had emerged. Hearing from the householder that she didn’t own a dog, I asked her if she knew of anyone in the area who owned a Basset.

The lady was absolutely certain that there were no Bassets in the area. She was certain of that because she was a former Bassett owner herself.

The last time there had been a Bassett Hound in the area was ten years earlier when she and her husband owned one.

It had been killed in a collision with a car outside the house exactly ten years ago to the day ….on a wet and windy day in November………..

Feeling somewhat shaken, I returned to my car. There were no dents, no blood, no
bits of fur.

But I had hit something……………………………………….. His ghost?

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