Monthly Archives: December 2006

Outdoor Education

Hooray for Pott Row First School in Norfolk!

They have realised the benifits of allowing children to run around outdoors and and fill their lungs with fresh air.

Some forty four years ago, I was a teacher in Pimlico, in Inner London. ‘Outdoors’ as far as our kids were concerned consisted of a tiny rooftop playground, seven stories up, or a bus trip to Wimbledon. Continue reading

Christmas shopping in the 'swinging sixties'

It was the week before Christmas…. well, a few weeks before, actually, and I was teaching in a secondary school in Pimlico. Just before the first lesson after lunch, the Head received a phone call from the manager of a swish department store in Victoria Street, nearby. Apparently a boy had been seen stealing from store during the lunch hour. He was well known locally, so they named him Continue reading