Dell Support…excellent!

Well! It is great to be back!

For two days I have felt as if somebody had chopped off my arms.

All I did was switch on my computer… and there it was … A GREAT BLUENESS HAD HIT ME!

Unable to get anything else on my screen, I was obliged to access the Dell Support Team by telephone. An extremely patient lady talked me through loads of tests, before eventually reporting that at least it was not a hard drive problem.

Another helper then came on the scene and arranged a rendez-vous by phone for the following day at 1500 hours, by which time the discs he was sending me by courrier would have arrived. (The software was not covered by the warranty, but £34.18 seemed a good price to get me going again)

Sure enough, the discs were here the next day and my personal helper phoned me, bang on time.

An hour later, after much juggling at my end, of the telephone and the shiftkey, and a great deal of patience from his end, he had my system fully restored….

Wow!….Amazing!… Thank You Dell! …..Service indeed !!!

1 thought on “Dell Support…excellent!

  1. Lesley

    Amazingly, a back-up set of discs arrived by GPO mail the following day… anouncing themselves as ‘extras’ ( in case the courrier had failed to deliver?)…Well done Dell !


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