Good Samaritans are alive and well and living in Gorseinon

The day after the previous posting, where I dared to tempt fate by declaring that things could only get better, and that winter was on its way out…. it happenned.

Taking the dog for her morning walk around our cold and apparently deserted neighbourhood I slipped on an unseen bit of black ice. All I remember was a bit of a quick slide, then ‘CRACK!!!***’. The back of my head hit the pavement, and I really did see the proverbial stars.

The next thing I was aware of was a kind young man who had removed his coat on a freezing day. Two other people were there too, and they told me that another lady had run to a nearby house to telephone for an ambulance. Clearly a little time had passed since my fall!

At first I couldn’t see anything, nor could I move… That was rather frightening. Then I remembered that I wear specs so I asked if I was wearing them…’No’…. A pair were found nearby, so that improved things a little. I was still very groggy but remember being worried that the ambulance had been called when it would surely have far worse things to be dealing with. Slowly feeling came back and I was able to move, albeit slowly & painfully. Somebody said he had heard, from 200 metres away, the sound of my head hitting the pavement. Ouch!

My kind helpers offered to run to my home about 800 metres away, to alert my husband, but rather than panic him, I managed eventually to use my mobile phone. Marvelous inventions these mobile phones. You only need to press one little button to get through. In no time Dave arrived ‘hotfoot’, as they say, with the car (… still in his slippers).

The dog? She was sitting very quietly beside me shivering a lot and giving me the occasional lick. (Had my saviours tried to telephone the number on her collar, they would have connected with the mobile phone in my pocket!) I still do not know if I hit her on my way to the floor, but think she was just frightened.

My Good Samaritans melted away before I had properly recovered enough to thank them. We phoned to cancel the ambulance and Dave drove me to Morriston Hospital A&E Dept.

And there began another story of kindness.

On a day when black ice and fog were causing dozens of accidents and mis-haps, everyone there was cheerful, kind and helpful. They were SO busy. Doctors and nurses were running between consulting rooms to try to cope with the huge numbers of patients. Despite the fact that whilst I was awaiting triage they had a major incident arrive by ambulance, I was still assessed, examined by a doctor, given medication, and sent home within one and a half hours.

Well done Morriston Hospital A& E Department!

I’m pleased to report that, apart from a lingering thumping headache and a few bruises, I am now well on the way full recovery. The dog continues to monitor my every movement, and is sticking to me like a limpet.

So a big ‘Thank You’ to all my Good Samaritans and Guardian Angels

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