Burns Night is coming soon

The time we spent living in Spain was regularly punctuated by parties. In a multinational community, there is more chance that any particular day will be a day for celebration

Although we were not involved in the organisation of the Burns Supper during our stay in Almerimar, we were delighted to be part of the celebrations.

Mary was in charge of the food, but her problems were greatly multiplied by the ‘Foot and Mouth’ restrictions in force at the time, which meant that genuine Haggai, (either on the hoof or in their body bags) could not be exported from the UK.

Poor Mary! She spent weeks experimenting with various ingredients attempting to get the right mix until she was finally satisfied just in time for the party.
The great night arrived, and forty or so people generally more smartly dressed than was the norm for a bunch of live-aboard yotties, assembled in the upstairs room of Paco’s Bar in Almerimar.

The Haggis was piped in…. correctly addressed….. stabbed to death….. and duly eaten, helped down by the usual suspects: tatties and bashed neaps and, of course, ample supplies of Scotch whisky.

The haggis was adjudged by several genuine Scotsmen present to be the best ever tasted …., but only Mary and a few of her trusted friends knew that The Beastie was actually a Spanish impostor which had been steamed in a pair of nylon tights, (claimed by the cook to have been brand new ones, but who knows?)

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