Branscombe Wreck

We were horrified to see the looting which occurred at Branscombe this week, whilst everybody else in the area was trying to prevent damage to the coastline and to the environment.

The sight on TV of people deliberately breaking open a container, clearly marked with the owners’ names, and subsequently stealing loads of personal heirlooms filled us with utter disgust. Would they just stop a furniture removal lorry and scatter its innards asunder?

Surely, as well as being obliged to return their stolen booty, they should also be brought to justice?
However, with the prisons full to bursting, what could be an alternative form of punishment? Perhaps they should be sentenced to several years serving as crew on container vessels?

4 thoughts on “Branscombe Wreck

  1. Rich Boakes

    The old “I was nowhere near the area coppa! You’ve got nuffin on me!” really doesn’t wash when there are some jolly high resolution photos that can place a person at the scene. Interviews follow, more people are placed at the scene, some stories don’t add up, more interviews, stories change, stories add up a bit more, more people interviewed, charges Wasting Police Time and Perverting the Course of Justice follow… there’s months of hassle for the local policeman who no doubt has to patrol an area the size of Greater London…

  2. Lesley

    Yes… thanks for those pics in the link, Rich, they also reminded us of when we were living on the west coast of France just before the millenium when the ‘Erika’ went down causing massive oil polution there. We volunteered to don big gloves and wellies to scout the coast for oiled birds. It’s a pity the scavengers at Branscombe didn’t do something to help, rather than hinder.

  3. nick

    Wow, Disgust, The law allows for salvage by any person from a ship wreck. The containers are part of that wreck. If you take anything you just declaire it via the forms.

    My Motorbike runs like a dream….

    Ha Ha..


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