Junk mail again

We’ve been here before!

Back in August 2006, I wrote about the “postie” who was suspended because he dared to tell his clients how they could do their bit to save the planet by avoiding the receipt of trees full of junk mail every day. (Interestingly, this article generated a massive amount of spam mail to this site… Thanks, spammers, but I have a spam mashing machine)
By now most ‘thinking people’ are registered with the TPS to cut out unsolicited telephone calls and the majority of junk mail.

However, some still gets through, and, as discussed this morning on ‘BBC Breakfast’, this additional mail is generated by the Post Office itself….. and it charges the folks for whom it is delivering for the ‘service’.

In order to stop ALL of this junk mail, you need to send an Email to the Royal Mail at: optout@royalmail.co.uk asking for all unaddressed mail to be stopped.

I did, and they sent me a long and almost threatening letter which indicated that we could miss out on important mail from Local Government etc.

I have to admit, we put the matter on the back burner for a while and then forgot about it … but today, on ‘BBC Breakfast’ a representative of ‘Postwatch’ was interviewed, who stated categorically that they are not being truthful about this and it is possible to opt out of all this additional mail without becoming disenfranchised. Good luck!

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