Buy Fresh; Be Safe

There are plans to build a new Asda store in Gorseinon.

Having watched a programme on BBC One Wales this morning about the lack of good practice at Asda, I am more than ever convinced that the place to buy food is from local suppliers, like the farm shop and the excellent local butcher who of course knows his sources.

No matter how quickly food is frozen at source, it can all be so easily contaminated when temperatures are allowed to stray above safe levels during storage or transportation ……. particularly when it is later refrozen and sold as bona fide product.

The Independent also carries an article on the subject this morning.

Wherever I shop, I continue the habit I learnt in Europe of transporting foods needing to be kept cool in a large ‘coolbag’ in the boot of the car. However, I rarely buy frozen goods, prefering fresh things.

If I were a user of frozen goods, I think I should be on the verge of making a few changes!

It might be interesting to watch how long refrigerated lorries are kept hanging around with their fridge engines turned off, if Adsa really does get its planning permission to set up next door to Somerfield in Gorseinon

1 thought on “Buy Fresh; Be Safe

  1. Lesley

    Having said that, I wouldn’t like to live near a big store where refrigerated lorries come and go all day & night with their noisy motors on, either!


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