Ultimate recycling?

It was ‘Bin Day’ today.

We have got our landfill bag down to one smallish black bag per week, and nearly all of that is made up of unnecessary packaging from shops. I spent 15 minutes yesterday trying to extract four printer cartridges from their impermiable and unassailable thick plastic armour. The old cartridges have been saved for recycling, but the plastic had to go into the black bag.

Paper is shredded, and taken to the animal centre when we go to drive the ambulance. It is re-used as bedding for the miscellaneous small animals. Tissues & kitchen paper, when used are composted. Vegetable waste (and there is plenty of that as I cook fresh food from scratch every day), lawn cuttings, garden waste, etc., also go onto the compost heap along with crushed eggshells and the furry contents of the Dyson cleaner.

Glass and any tin cans are left out in green bags once a fortnight, and plastic bottles (milk/lemonade) and cardboard are dropped off at the baling plant when we are passing, (not as a special journey)

I get pretty mad when I see people who either don’t know, or who really just don’t care, about the environment initially, and the future of the planet in the bigger picture. Around here I see households putting out ten times as many landfill bags as we do, and have to wonder what on earth they find to fill them with!

I’m sure there are oodles more things we should be doing, but if everyone does just one thing greener this week than last, it would be for the global good.

I enjoyed the slapstick cum-uppance of this video….. …Enjoy!

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