Tidal damage to Millennium Coastal Path


Sadly, the recent severe gales and high spring tides have severely damaged one of our favourite local haunts, namely the beautifully recycled seafront between Llanelli & Bury Port on the South Wales coast, just to the west of Swansea.


The regeneration of this formerly ugly relic of the industrial past of the area made a lot of people very happy. It has seen thousands of visitors each year since it was opened, yet it never appears to be crowded, perhaps because it is so vast.

It would seem that Carmarthenshire Council has managed to acquire the necessary funding to rectify the enormous damage, but we really hope that they get assistance from, and listen to the advice of, oceonographic experts before sending good money after bad.

Around the time of the Equinox last Autumn, we noticed that one of the monuments erected close the the high water line, to celebrate the Millenniun, was being undermined by the sea, causing it to list heavily to seaward.

Sure enough, after the next spring tide it was no more.

As former sailors with many nautical miles in the renowned Bristol Channel under our keel, we are only too aware of the huge tides and the effect of the combination of spring tides and gale force winds which prevail from the Atlantic to hammer this beautiful coast

We really look forward to the restoration of the complete coastal path.


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