Home grown rhubarb

Yesterday, we ate some of our own rhubarb from the garden.

There were only three stalks and we would have preferred to have waited until they were a bit bigger, but a strong gale blew up the Loughor Estuary and broke off the biggest, so we decided on an early harvest

Being only the two of us, there was enough to do justice to some ice cream, and it gave us hope of further crops later in the year

I already have carrots, cabbage, leeks, pimentos and dill grerminated in the cold greenhouse, and today planted another batch of edibles including radishes, aubergines, more carrots, brussels sprouts and a different breed of cabbage.

We had a reasonable amount of strawberries last summer, but this year we have treated ourselves to a ‘proper’ strawberry jar so the strawberries will be able to hang down and they will be easy to wrap in netting to keep the birds away, so fingers crossed…

The gooseberry bush and the raspberry canes have started to sprout… but we only had one meal from them last year so I hope they will be more established this summer.

And the good news is that the rhubarb is sprouting well again already…. better get the black bucket out again!

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