Dreadful refereeing – Italy v. Wales

Yesterday we watched a dreadful display of refereeing in Rome by Chris White, of the rugby match between Italy and Wales. I have several points to make:
1 Why was the referee wearing BLUE?
Clearly the two teams wear strips of different colours so that they can be easily distinguished….. so why kit out the referee and the ‘so called line judges’ in the same colour as the home team….

Why could they not have worn yellow…

or green…

or purple…

or orange….

or harlequin multicolours…

or black…

or yellow and black stripes?

Anything but blue (Italy) or red (Wales) ???
2 Why did the line judges not indicate to the (apparently) visually impaired referee that Shane Williams was tackled without the ball on several occasions, indeed on one occasion, he was completely lifted from his feet and thrown several feet away from the action, when he was not in posession of the ball.
3 Why did the line judge not alert the referee to the fact that Stephen Jones was clearly punched by an Italian, suffering a bad cut above his right eye which needed four stitches. (This blatant offender clearly should have been sent off, but he was not, and he later later scored a try .)
4 Why, since the ‘Fourth Referee’ must surely have seen this, if not the original event but certainly the TV replay which was played several times, was he unable to intervene ?
5 The worst offence of the lot, to my mind occurred when the referee gave the impression to James Hook, (perhaps a bit of an old fashioned sportsman) that he had time to make a proper game of it and go for the try, rather than settle for a draw, as he would clearly have been able to do by simply kicking for goal when a penalty had been awarded. Hook kicked for touch in order to have a line out which gave a sporting chance of a possible win.

But then…..all of a sudden, a magic voice from an earpiece appears to tell Chris White that he must blow the whistle for full time before the move is made ….. OH REALLY !!!!!!

BRING BACK CLIVE NORLING….PLEASE.. Lets have some fair play back in the Six Nations !

The farce we witnessed today will lose the sport more fans than would ever be influenced by any amount of bad play.
We watched the match from the comfort of our own home. I am very glad we did not pay a fortune to travel to Rome to witness such a dreadful display of refereeing.

1 thought on “Dreadful refereeing – Italy v. Wales

  1. Lesley

    So…..Now the referee has apologised…. Well that’s alright then, isn’t it?
    Is it?
    No of course it isn’t!
    If anything it makes matters even worse.


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