Melbourne Grand Prix

Early tomorrow morning (our time) sees the start of the 2007 Grand Prix season.

I hope that ITV have learnt from previous mistakes and inserted (even a tiny) thumbnail of the action somewhere on-screen during the inevitable adverts!

Both French & Spanish TV companies manage to do this… so why not ITV?

The first venue is Melbourne. There are several rule changes, but the most important is probably thet all the cars will be driving on tyres made by the same manufacturer
We have been supporters of Fernando Alonso ever since we first came across him whilst we were living in Spain.
It is great now to be able to continue to support him and to support a British car at the same time.  Add to this the impressive debut of a British driver, Lewis Hamilton in the second McLaren car and we are looking forward to a really interesting season, just so long as the action is not to be ruined by bad management in the editors’ department.

So after an action packed day watching the final three matches of the Six Nations Rugby Tournament, we have an early start tomorrow.

It’s never the same waiting for the replay…somebody is bound to let the result out of the bag if you don’t watch it live!

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