The Mumbles Railway

This week sees the two hundredth anniversary of the introduction of the oldest passenger carrying railway in the world, the famous Mumbles Railway

Sadly it is no more…

I well remember riding on the rock & roller some fifty or so years ago. It went from Swansea to Mumbles (and back, of course). Nowadays the same journey can be completed in a much smoother fashion by car or bus, if you can spare the time to wait in the inevitable traffic jams!

It was first started a few years before as a goods railway, but it is as the first ever passenger carrier that it achieved its fame.

I remember the outcry when the powers that be decided to close it, but to no avail… it went, anyway…… followed more recently by the Slip Bridge, which I think bore a commemorative plaque about the train, and the Leisure Centre which had been built very close to the terminus. Nobody listens!
In place of the railway lines, there is now a ‘combined’ pedestrian walkway and cycle track all around the beautiful Swansea Bay. We have walked along it and cycled too. The combination is a nightmare.

For pedestrians, there is always the threat of a whizzing and frighteningly silent cyclist approaching from behind (bells are now, I think, compulsory on bikes, but for some reason, many cyclists appear to be too macho to consider using them!)

Cyclists, however dread the sight of a gaggle of wanderers dawdling along enjoying the beautiful scenery and getting in their way… a recipe for disaster!

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