Adult Greed v. Childhood Innocence

It was a beautiful day on Easter Saturday. The Fund-raising Committee at Llys Nini had organised an Easter Bonnet competition and an Easter Egg Hunt for the local children.

There was a small entry fee (it was, after all a fund raising day as well as a ‘fun day’), with concessions for family groups.

The staff had thrown dozens of ceramic eggs, all painted with numbers, around one of the many fields at the Centre, each egg having a corresponding numbered egg waiting for its’ match to be presented.

There was great excitement as the teeming hoards of kids and parents waited for the count down to the start of the hunt.

The rules clearly stated that there could only be one egg for each participating child.

The search was quickly underway and there were some early squeals of delight when kids found their precious quarry.

It was a warm sunny day and the majority of adults watched benignly as children happily scoured the huge field… but it was marred for some when a pushy woman with a baby in a pram strode up to reception and demanded an easter egg for each of the mound of ceramic eggs which she herself had raced into the field to collect.

Fortunately for all the other children, the staff are well used to dealing with boisterous animals, so it was not a problem to send her on her way home with just one egg for her tiny baby, and the rest were redistributed back in the field for genuine searchers to find.

A few eggs remained undiscovered, and will no doubt turn up sometime in the summer during haymaking!

Although there was such a huge turn out (thank you everybody who attended!) and some children didn’t find an egg, nobody went home empty handed. There were consolation prizes for many, and when they too ran out, there were free drinks and cakes for all the rest

A lot of volunteers worked very hard to make it such a happy day for the children and it strikes me as very sad that it was a so called adult who set such a dreadful example of sheer greed

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