More on micro-chipping

I recently wrote about micro-chipping…..

Several weeks ago a dog whom we know, took fright and bolted.

The owners were very concerned about it and searched every street for miles around ….for days ….and weeks.

The dog had been micro-chipped, so at least they were confident that if it were picked up by the dog warden as a stray, the scanner would identify the dog and he would be returned to them.

Indeed, they took some faint hope from the fact that they heard nothing , either from the dog warden, or as a result of the many notices at all the local vets, and in the local paper, because they began to feel confident that he was not still out roaming and starving (Nor was he dead on the motorway, as again the microchip would have been read)…. They were sure somebody had taken him in and was keeping him for themselves.

Then, eventually, there was a phone call to the owners… the dog had been taken for treatment to a vet, and the microchip revealed that the dog actually belonged to somebody other than the person claiming to be the dog’s owner.

The new ‘owner’ had fallen for the dog and was reluctant to give him back……… completely unaware of the heart-ache and anguish that had been caused.

The fact that a dog might be found alone and lonely does not necessarily mean that it has been thrown out or neglected. Sometimes, animals can be frightened by a firework, a car backfiring, or even a thunderstorm, and take flight.

So if you find a lost dog…PLEASE …..telephone the local Dog Warden and seek his advice. (They do not ‘put down’ straying dogs.) It will be kept in safety for a certain time to give the rightful owner a chance to be found and if the animal has been micro-chipped, it can immediately be taken home.

If you want a dog (or a cat, or a bird, or a rabbit, or a degu) …. why not go to an animal rescue centre and adopt a ‘Rescue’ animal legally?

There are plenty of furry friends just longing to find loving new homes

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