Saving rainwater

Up until this week we have saved rainwater at the back of the house in four bins (with their lids upturned and a hole drilled in the centre) connected in pairs, with two of them further connected to an old recycled water tank.This in turn is connected to a holey hose pipe which leads across a very sheltered part of the garden and ekes out water gradually in an overflow situation

The first two bins have an overflow pipe which feeds pots in a sheltered spot.

However, although this system has proved very useful, we were concerned that the whole of the front of the house was being ignored.

We have invested in a ‘proper’ water butt, a 300L job which, despite its size does not look too ugly to sit at the side of the house.

Although we bought it a week ago, it was only last night that we had time to set it up….too late the catch the deluge that accompanied the bank holiday weekend.

However, it is raining again now and we can hear the water pouring into it from the main roof

We should have plenty of water this year to avoid the need to use our precious metered water to keep our plants alive.

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