Re-cycling out into the garden

Having been brought up in an era when ‘make-do-and-mend‘ had not yet been re-cycled into ‘recycling‘, we are always loathe to throw away things that have apparently outlived their perceived usefulness.

Indeed, we rarely throw anything out and are uneasy when friends and neighbours do so. Two such items have found a useful second life in our garden.

The rejected clothes hanger has been turned into a climbing frame for sweet peas. This pic was taken a couple of weeks ago and they have almost reached half way up by now.

Even the netting was ‘wombled’ , having been thrown out by yet another neighbour …..and the pine cone?…. a constant reminder, along with several others of its kind, of our dear friends Jacques & Liz, a souvenir from their house at Labenne in Les Landes.

The next little ‘find’ was a spurned towel rail. It cried out to be rescued, so we put it out to pasture with a few potted plants to keep it company.

In fact one of our three compost containers is a ‘past-its-use-by-date’ water tank with openings drilled in strategic places.

Every piece of Wombling is one space in the landfill site saved

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