Think whilst you drink

Summer days encourage us to go to the countryside or the coast.

That is good news…….

We sometimes take cans of drinks both for ourselves and for the children.

That too is good news…….

However, we also need to think of the wider implications of our actions, whether we are at home or out in the fresh air.

Not only should we crush the cans when empty, and dispose of them in the appropriate recycling bin, we need to consider the plastic holders that are so convenient in keeping the drinks together when we buy them, and which are so often forgotten once their work is done.
It is not enough just to put this strappy plastic in the bin (preferably of course, a plastics recycling bin)

It is also extremely important to cut the plastic in such a way as to remove any closed circles. I have seen many sea birds severely hampered and injured by uncut plastic strapping. They think it is a juicy bit of food and get either their beaks or feet tangled, usually permanently and often fatally.

It only takes a moment to cut the pack strapping down to size and your thoughtfulness can save lives.

…….Now that is really good news……..

Thinking and drinking can be done together!

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