England catching up with Wales in banning smoking

Tomorrow, June 1st 2007 will see England catching up with Wales, at least with regard to the ban on smoking in public places.

In Wales, the changes were introduced on April 2nd this year.

As a non-smoker myself, I find it is now very pleasant to go into a pub, usually at lunch time, and not to have to find a secluded seat away from smokers in order to be able to eat a meal in comfort.

However, there is a bit of a downside to the new regime. Because people now have to go outside to smoke, and also because many pubs, particularly in Wales are not dog-friendly, whereas I used to be able to enjoy a seat outside on fine days, in the fresh air with my furry friend lying quietly at my feet, I now find myself surrounded by smokers and full ashtrays. Ugh!

To my mind though, the biggest advantage of the change has been that it has acted as an extra encouragement to several people whom I know, to give up a damaging and increasingly expensive habit! …. which in turn might mean a saving of resources for the NHS !!

3 thoughts on “England catching up with Wales in banning smoking

  1. Ed

    To give the upper hand to chronically disgruntled egocentric bastards like yourself–as the Government has done–
    is barbaric. Your complaint about outdoor smoking is as trivial as it gets–and from the owner of a slobbering dog no less. How fresh is the outdoor air with passing cars spewing exhaust?

    And you need to stuff your concern about smokers quitting, I’ts none of your goddam business.

  2. Brian

    If the topic were not so deadly serious, I would have found Ed’s heated response to your entry hilarious. The fact remains: smoking costs lives. Anyone who has lost a loved one to the curse will attest to that. I might also point out that it is your business–it’s everyone’s business–and the sooner we all learn that the better!


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