Sprouting beans

Many years ago, I tried to sprout alfafa seeds on a jar with a bit of muslin secured over the neck. We had to rinse them out regularly, I remember, and the smell was less than inviting so I never actually got to eat any of the resultant sprouts!

We recently visited some friends in Corfe Mullen for lunch and were introduced not only to their tasty and nutritious bean sprout salad, but also to their propagator.

I was so impressed that I Googled my way to finding something similar and we now have regularly rotated crops of various beans to use in salads, sandwiches and stir fry dishes

So far we have tried aduki, mung, fenugreek, urid, broccoli and yes, the aforementioned alfafa. All have proved successful, and by emptying the bottom tray of water twice daily before pouring a jug of water over the top tray, the smell I had associated with the process from my earlier attempts, is no more.

I am now truly converted!

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