Judge the deed not the breed

Another example of dogs being judged by their perceived reputation, rather than by their own personal behaviour was brought to my attention today, by a member of The Dogs Trust. ………

Our own gentle Staffie X was banned from France earlier this year, simply because we could not produce evidence of pedigree (impossible for a rescued mongrel!)

Now, Information from The Dogs Trust indicates that Dublin City Council is banning all its tenants from owning dogs of up to eleven different breeds, including Bull Terriers, Rotweilers and German Shepherds. There are also fears that these breeds will soon also be barred from exercising in public areas…….very much the thin end of the wedge ?

They are “generously” allowing a little time for owners to re-home their companion animals, but if this proves impossible, the animals will be destroyed.

A petition has been started to try to change the plans of the Dublin City Council which can be found here.

Dog ownership has been shown to bring health benefits, quite apart from the fact that most dog owners get taken out for regular exercise!

Surely it is time to accept that dogs should be judged by their own individual behaviour (and therefore also by inference, that of by their owners who have the responsibility for training the animals to behave in a socially acceptable manner).

Let’s start to judge the deeds not the breeds!

3 thoughts on “Judge the deed not the breed

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  2. Christal

    I rerer to your comment:
    “Our own gentle Staffie X was banned from France earlier this year, simply because we could not produce evidence of pedigree (impossible for a rescued mongrel!)”

    Please can you tell me what exactly happened? Where in France where you, and were you stopped in a town, village, or countryside? and What did they do with your dog?
    We had planned to take our Staffy X to France on hols………………………..

  3. momilsom

    We are hoping to take our young rottweiler to France in 3 weeks time, We know that he has to be muzzled and on a lead in public. There is something about reporting to the local Mairie.

    Does anyone know if this has to be done each time you move on as we are staying in 13 Campaniles across northern France.

    In some places we are only there 1 night. Any information would be appreciated.

    Thanks Mo Milsom


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