Nimbyism in Ashstead

We were appalled to learn of the apparent bigotry and horrendously selfish attitude of the residents of Ashstead in Surrey………. who objected to the provision of a house in their area to provide accommodation for the visiting families of wounded servicemen trying to recover from the trauma of severe and debilitating injuries suffered in Iraq and Afghanistan.

How callous and shallow can these self centred people be? How can they sleep at night? Have they ever had the worry of trying to visit a very sick relative in a town far from home? Have they, in fact, ever thought outside their tiny boxes (their minds, not their houses) about how much suffering is endured by people fighting for their country?

We are sickened by the attitude of the people of Ashstead

Anyone wishing to sign a petition to the Prime Minister can find it here:

Whatever people’s views about the fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan, surely the injured folks and their families deserve as much support and help as they can get to help them to get their lives back together?

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