Please can we have our beaches back?

In its infinite wisdom, the Welsh Assembly Government has allowed the further rape and pillage of our beautiful Gower beaches.

It has given permission for the Llanelli Sand Dredging Company to continue the dredge sand from the Helwick Bank, to the south side of the Gower Peninsular.

People (ourselves included) who have lived here for well over half a century have seen the catastrophic changes which have already occurred in this lovely designated area of outstanding natural beauty. Sandy beaches where children ran and played are now less sandy and more rocky.

Can we have our beaches back, please? No Chance !!
As Gower Society Chairman Malcolm Ridge said… “Once the sand has gone, it has gone!”

It is bad enough to have to accept the natural erosion of our lovely coastline, but to have it taken away from under our noses by a commercial enterprise with the express permission of the elected people who are supposed to protect the interests of our beautiful heritage is totally unacceptable. In the words of Mr Meldrew… “I DON’T BELIEVE IT !!

However, on a brighter note, to find out why locals are so passionate about the place, you can see some lovely pictures of the Gower, courtesy of the Gower Society, here...

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