Special dogs and cats at last available for re-homing

Great news!

A substantial number of dogs and cats who have been lovingly cared for by the staff at Llys Nini, Penllegaer near Swansea, are at long last available for re-homing. They are special animals who have had a less than perfect start in life and who have then been obliged to spend two years at the Animal Centre

Sadly, despite the care and attention lavished on these poor animals at Llys Nini, living in an animal centre cannot compare with the security and comfort having a real home with a loving family.

Special people are urgently needed as soon as possible to adopt these lovely dogs and cats. Having been in cages for so long, they will need training and a lot of love.

However, having been associated with many of them over the period of their incarceration, we can vouch for the fact that they are lovely little chaps and girlies who only want to be loved.

If you have love to spare and the time to give to re-starting a life-on-hold… please visit this page and scroll down to see the pictures. Click each picture for a description of each potential new friend.

Not only will re-homing these animals be excellent for them, it will also free up spaces to rescue other needy animals to continue the marvelous work at Llys Nini.

If you live in the Swansea region, you can visit the centre any day (including Sat & Sun) except Wednesday, between 11am and 3.45pm.

Hope to see you there!

By the way, if you cannot commit to re-homing an animal, you would be most welcome to volunteer to help at Llys Nini, cuddling cats, walking dogs, socialising rabbits, ferrets, birds etc, manning the telephone, helping out in one of the charity shops, driving the ambulance ….. there is plenty to do! And if you live too far away to visit, or have no free time, there is always the Safe Haven Scheme…..

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