Dublin Dog Ban

Further to my previous post about the Dublin City Council’s ban on so-called “Dangerous Breeds of Dogs”, the action was highlighted this morning on the ‘BBC Breakfast Programme’.

According to the Irish Times, the list of banned dogs is as follows:

English Bull Terrier, Staffordshire Bull Terrier, American Pit Bull Terrier, Rottweiler, German Shepherd (Alsatian), Doberman, Rhodesian Ridgeback, Japanese Akita, Bull Mastiff, Japanese Tosa and Bandog.

Cross-breeds of these dogs or crosses of these dogs with any other breed are also banned.”

I reiterate that , whilst I have every sympathy with people who have been bitten by dogs, it is not necessarily the dogs themselves, and certainly not specific breeds of dogs, who can be classified as dangerous…….

IT IS THE OWNERS, NOT THE DOGS who are usually to blame for mishaps.

Some of the breeds on the list are sometimes purchased by people wishing to emphasise their strong image, but that is not the fault of the animals, it is rather a failing in education of the people themselves and their subsequent training of their companion animals.

In my view, the Authorities should target this minority of people, and leave alone the vast majority of responsible animal lovers who harm nobody.

Anyone needing help in training a dog can simply just ‘Google’ “Dog training” and take your pick of 92 pages !

Punish the DEED, NOT the BREED.

3 thoughts on “Dublin Dog Ban

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  2. Dog Terrier

    Hmmm… , i was looking for information on dogs, being a dog lover myself but i was directed to you site – anyway your post Dublin Dog Ban , looks to be very informative – i wish you success .

  3. Pug Trainer

    I agree 100% with your point about the fault being with the owner and not the dog! There’s plenty of free information on the web for dog training…I’m in the process of building several sites myself for small companion dogs…so there’s no excuse not to teach a dog good manners. I used to own a Rotty and they’re terrific dogs — sorry to see Dublin city council is so off-base on this!



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