"Dangerous Dogs"

Hardly had Dublin City Council had time to let the ink from its ancient quill pen dry, than somebody with perhaps an eye for publicity saw fit to jump on the bandwagon.

In an copy-cat proposal, Councillor Ioan Richards, a member of Swansea City Council has seen fit to call for a similar ban to be instigated in Swansea, published in the South Wales Evening Post on 11th August.

Clearly, with all available beds at the local re-homing centres already bursting at the seams with rescued animals seeking loving homes, after having suffered a poor start in life, he will either need to inject a large amount of cash into these underfunded institutions, or be remembered for the rest of his life as a man with an enormous amount of blood on his hands.

I wonder how the veterinary surgeons in the region would react to being asked to euthenase hundreds of perfectly healthy animals on the whim of a publicity seeking councillor?
I cannot believe that the people of Swansea would stand for this proposed ban, and I would hope that both the Local Council and also the Welsh Assembly would also take a more rational viewpoint and realise that it is bad owners who make bad dogs.

Hopefully, a large majority of these are already known to the RSPCA and with the recent arrival of the Animal Welfare Act, they are in a better position to act earlier rather than too late in the interests of the animals
Blame the deed, not the breed.

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