Swansea Mutt Strutt

With the early morning drizzle and a fresh breeze yesterday, we might have preferred to have stayed in bed, but we had promised to help at the sponsored Dog Walk, the “Mutt Strutt” along the seafront between County Hall and Blackpill

We put up a tent to shelter the officials and people wishing to register, and set out cones to create a car-free safety enclosure.

At the allotted time, the rain dried up and miraculously, the sun came out. The massed walkers set off for their three mile saunter bathed in beautiful autumnal sunshine.

SUCCESS !!! By the time all the walkers had left County Hall.. some with real dogs, others with toy ones, and some with their partners in harnesses with faces painted with black cold noses and whiskers, we had already been handed over £2,000.00 in cash. We were also promised more sponsorship money to be collected after completion…..so that total is set to grow!

This is a great boost to Llys Nini Animal Centre, but sadly only a drop in the ocean of the £350,000 that is needed to keep the Centre open. Remember it is entirely dependant on voluntary donations form the public as it receives no government support.

Our own dog missed out on the walk as we had then to pack away the tent and all the paraphernalia…. and take the cash to a safe place. However, she was rewarded with a walk later, on on another beach.

A big ‘thank you’ to all who came this year…and if you live in or near Swansea, look out for the event next year and come and join in the us next time… you don’t even need a dog.

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