Back in time – I met Elvis last night

When I was about 16 in the mid fifties, the usually very stuffy BBC Radio presentations began to throb with wonderfully vibrant sound. Elvis Presley had emerged!

We didn’t have TV in those days, of course, just old fashioned radio… and after I had worked at a Saturday job for a while, I was able to buy a little record player too and buy records.

Last night, we went to the 10th Birthday Celebrations of the Llys Nini Animal Centre in Swansea. It was held in the Swansea Dockers Club beside the River Tawe

The star of the show was Andy Woodward, a local Elvis impersonator, new to the task, but undoubtedly very very good at it!

As he belted out the old familiar numbers, the years rolled back and we bopped and jived for hours. It was wonderful. Well done, Andy!

In addition to giving everybody such a good time, it has to be said that everyone arranging the event and taking part (including Elvis himself) did so in a voluntary capacity. As well as the modest entry fee, there were raffles and auctions, with all the proceeds going to help the rescued animals at Llys Nini.

If you get the chance to go to see Andy Woodward as Elvis… I can heartily recommend the experience.

7 thoughts on “Back in time – I met Elvis last night

  1. Tom Fearon

    Fancy you at your age bopping all night. The first record Cynthia and I bought together was “All Shook Up” and that brings back some memorys. Recently went to an Elvis look a like concert on our recent three month tour of USA, grey hair and peppermints were the order of the day but we managed to stay up to the late hour of 10pm before retiring with a large scotch.
    Will email you soon, Tom Fearon

  2. Lesley

    Well Well. Tom….Fancy you finding me after all this time!

    I have to admit that we did apply a little internal liquid lubrication to act as a precautionary painkiller for the inevitable aches and pains…. but ….it was a night… oh what a night it was, it really…..

  3. Lesley

    Come to think about it… all those years ago when I bopped the night away in Llandudno (was it the Winter Ggardens?) and in the Jazz Club in Eastbourne… it was all fueled by youth and fresh air, as I had by then never tried the heady delights of alcohol.
    Oscar wilde was right, though…. Youth is wasted on the young!


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