Barclays Bank Customer Services

The other day, I found a Barclays bank visa card on the pavement as I took the dog for a walk

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When I returned home, I first tried the phone book to see if I could make quick contact with the owner, but no such luck.

I then tried to phone the local Barclays branch in Gorseinon, a mile away.
I was connected to a call centre, probably somewhere in India, and explained the the gentleman that I had found a visa card and I wanted him to contact the owner to let him know it was safe.

After putting me on hold for about three minutes (awful musak), he returned to ask the name and number on the card……..

Back on hold for another three minutes (musak) ….. then he returned to tell me that he had stopped the card and I would now need to apply for a new one…..

Hmmmm !

Then he told me he was transferring me to somebody else who could help me… and left me holding on again (musak)….. (I’m paying for this call, remember!)

Then he returned to tell me the other person was busy right now, could I call back later?

I said that …no …. that would not be convenient, but that they could call me…..”Oh no! We don’t make outgoing calls”. He then told me the only way for him to be able to help me was for me to phone again later.

Funny that! I thought I was helping them?

So I ended the call and took the card in person to the local Barclays branch.

When I got there (and in a hurry as I was on my way to work at the animal centre), there was a long queue and only one position open.

As I arrived, a man opened a second window and asked if anyone was waiting to ‘pay in only’. I took my chance and short-circuited the queue saying: ” I just want to hand in this visa card that I found in the road”. I also said that I was less than pleased with the treatment received from the ‘Customer services’ department.

Although he did just about manage a summary mumble of thanks, he appeared to be more interested in apologising to the person who had to wait an extra minute whilst I handed in the card.

Thankfully, I do not myself bank at Barclays. After seeing how they operate, I certainly never shall .

I hope that the owner of the card was eventually told that it had been found and handed in safely.

I think that the people with whom I bank would have contacted me on my mobile phone immediately, had I been in a similar position.

25 thoughts on “Barclays Bank Customer Services

  1. Oliver

    Same thing here. I applied for a loan which was refused. Then I received a call from my personal account manager few days later in Beneficial Finance. They were happy to help me out as there was something wrong with my barclaycard before and everything looked clear now. They listened and understood me. I actually tried to resolve the problem with barclaycard as soon as possible and made a payment for them. (There is another story as I tried to put 100 pounds on my account and it could have taken 3 days to appear on my account if the local branch manager would not have taken the money out from the “paying in machine” and transferred some funds from that branch internal account. It was a joke as it took about 3 hours to resolve it. )
    Well as I was just about to start my online business I asked my personal banker if he could speed up things for me..I was surprised that his colleague took a check to Barclays branch only couple of hundreds f yards away. (1st class service!)
    The barclays are suspecting that I am planning some fraud as there has never been so much money on my account before..I am planning to get some legal advice as they are infiltrating my business.
    All my friends are with why should I let them humiliate me?

    Your story was very familiar by the way. The do not understand their customers.

  2. kj

    I closed my Barclay’s Acct. November 15, 2007 and was given a close out amount. I paid it and went merrily on my way.

    6 MONTHS later my credit rating has dropped 100 points! For Non-payments.

    The Reason, we learned… There was an additional $28 dollars in fees assessed that close out month. I NEVER received any mail or phone calls from Barclays. Instead they assessed monthly late charges and accrued interest.

    After multiple calls we were told to write to the address below.

    Executive Office
    C/O Office of the President
    PO Box 8885
    Willmington DE, 19899

    By a Manager. Our “Manager’s” customer service number is:


    He told us we were out of luck and he had the power to make our life hell. Even though we had in “Good Faith” closed the account and paid off the balance that their customer service person gave us.

    My personal advice based on my personal experience is to beg you for your own sake…. Don’t do Business with these people!

  3. Tashamia

    Barkclays Bank issued me a credit card recently in the amount of $2500.00. I used the card two weeks after recieving it and pulled a cash advanced as my first use of the card for $200.00. I continued to use the card a few days later the card was denied. I called customer service to find out why the card had been denied, it was a new card with 2500.00 limit . I was informed by there ever so non-curtious customer service that my credit limit was reduced because I took a cash advance out and they see me as a risk. I Immediately moments later payed off the balance. In checking the online statement to make sure my payment had been processed. They processed it and applied it to my account….ok it’s payed off no worries ………right…………………..WRONG!!!!!!

    Barkclays bank accessed me an over the limit fee for going over a limit of $40.00, I called to dispute the over the limit fee because how can they access an over the limit fee for going the limit that they reduced after one use of the card and did not notify me of the reduced limit and charge me 6days later after the card had been payed in full. I asked to speak with a manager was told I was speaking with a managar I would like to speak to your manager of course he wasn’t available and I still have not heard from them….. BUT THEY CONTINUALLY SEND ME EMAILS STATING THAT I AM REACHING MY CREDIT LIMIT ON A CARD THAT IS PAID OFF…………….I AM CANCELLING THIS CARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BEWARE OF BARKCLAYS BANKS FRAUDELENT CHARGES.

  4. Steve

    I’m digusted with Barclays also. My fiancee’ has been with them for anumber of years and been ripped off with excessive bank charges. I helped her get her finances in order and we are puting all our accounts in joint names. When we asked to put her account in joint names the first bank we went to told us we would to wait over an hour to see someone, so we had to go to another branch where they said everything would be fine and that we’d hear from them in about 10 days. Two weeks passed and we did not hear a thing so my fiancee’ went to the bank to see what was happening and she was told that they could not put my name down due to a poor credit rating. She told them that I have never been in debt. So they said it must be due to point son my drivers licence; so she told them that neither of us drive. Theye did not even have the decency to find out why they had refused to add my name to the account. My fiancee’ who has been with them for over 20 years told them she is taking her business elsewhere!

  5. Angel

    The writer’s experience with Barclays typifies what Barclays customers have to deal with. I’ve used many banks but Barclays is, without a doubt, the worst of the lot. Most of the staff are rude even when you are polite to them. And they are always trying to flog their useless products on their customers. I only banked with them for a year and had to close my account. It was just awful.

    If I ever find a barclays card on the road, I would melt it, then cut it up into tiny pieces and throw it away. At least, then I would be happy in the knowledge that that customer would not become a victim of fraud, unlike many of Barclays unfortunate customers.

  6. Larry Nash

    Barclay customer Service was suppose to contact me and give me their U.S. Customer Service number for credit cards and after waiting a week I received a response from their home office in Britain and a toll free British phone number that I can’t use. Does anyone have Barclay US Customer Service Phone Number?

  7. Disgusted

    For twenty years, I have banked with Barclay, and had no trouble until this awful idea ” Call center” came into being. When the yanks took control of Barclay, they of course adopted the system and Barclay’s customer relations became none existence, and Barclay became BARNCLAY!
    That was not the only great cowboy ideas those Laud mouth doods came up with, they might yet bring the BARN down. Three times this year BARNCLAY have lost my money that I requested them (in a written letter as per their instruction)to transfer from my account with them to the my bank in the Philippine, despite the fact that they have been doing so on a three monthly bases,for the past five years? Every time the money they sent was returned after some weeks to have to be sent once again. On the three occasions they sent it in local currency instead of USD to a USD account, which they should know it is not permitted. Their excuse every time “well the international transfer thought the USD is the local currency in the Philippine?
    No wonder they are in such trouble. For me my money comes on at the end of this month, and I will gladly say BY…By BARNCLAY!!!!!!!

  8. mrs j sanderson

    i have not been with barclays very long but im so angry with them i was with HSBC and decided to go with woolich but barclays took over. i am descusted with bank charges i have been put overdrawn many times and had charges, when i was with HSBC i was not allowed to go in the red why does barclays do this i dont understand, i cannot get to a barclays bank to check balance because i am suffering from osteosporis and i have a broken toe wich was broken last year and still not healed so i can only go to a ATM machine in a shop who charges £1.75 each time and also tells me i have money in my account so i take cash out but then i get letter from Barclays saying i have gone overdrawn i dont know whats going on all i ask is please tell me why i can go overdrwean with Visa Debit card please

  9. Maria Ammaturo

    Dear Sirs, I’m Maria Ammaturo and I’m writing to you from Italy (Napoli).

    Yesterday I received an internet ad informing me that is there is a promotion till November 30th to buy a Barclaycard: FREE CARD.

    I immediatetely answered the advitesimet and filled in the form with all my details. e.g. home, banck account, Identy Card and so on.

    It was a long process! That took me at least one hour.

    At the end of the subscription unfortunately my PC crashed and now I don’t know if the subscription has been accepeted or not.

    I haven’t received any email from the bank, yet.


    My contact information is:
    80129 – NAPOLI
    PHONE: 0039(0)815587672

    Looking forward to hearing from you soon.
    Best regards, Maria Ammaturo

  10. ms e shaw (liz)

    i am very dissapointed with the service i have received from barclays – i have now withdrawn my custom after many years

    i have tried to send a customer services feedback form but that one wont send either

    ms e shaw

  11. Patrick

    I have an elderly relative with mental health issues and recently I was advised to become a signatory to their Barclays account. After dragging this 90 year old lady to the branch 4 times we have still not managed to complete the process. The problem is my passport is nearly 2 years out of date and therefore not admissible despite everybody accepting it does bear my picture. I don’t want to renew it at £90 ish as I have no intention of travelling abroad. Every time we go back with the documentation suggested we are told we need something else. I just can’t believe it is that easy to steal somebody’s identity when I am having so much trouble proving my own. As for Barclays I would rather put my mony in the post office.

  12. helmy

    plz help me to solve my broblem waiting ur answer
    how come i bayed mony to my loan the bank exchange it to visa card how come i want 2 konw am egyption live in kwaite and ur coustmer service nomber not in use my nomber is 0096599772352 plz waiting ur answer my name isa helmy

    hope to help me

  13. Michael Lawmkima

    Hi, I would like to know how to go about electronic fund transfer regarding an e-mail I got from a Mr. Michael Smith ( Sr.Account Officer ) from your International Funds transfer Department, Tel : +44 7035993439, which I have to deposit 25,000 INR to your bank regarding some confidential matter. Please reply through my e-mail , I would appreciate if you could reply as soon as possible. Thanks.

  14. maria gibbins

    I have spent the past hour trying to find a telephone number for customer service, my daughter is abroad and the bank has blocked her card!!!!! shes out there on her own, how charming is that and i am trying to sort it out for her……..


    Hello I don’t bank with you. I just received the following email scam, I thought
    you should know they’re using your company name in it.



    This is to notify you about the status of your fund right now in my desk. After due vetting and evaluation of your Inheritance file which The Ministry of Finance forwarded and contracted us to see to your immediate payment. From our findings you have been going through hard ways by paying a lot of charges to see to the release of your fund which has been delayed. We advice that you stop further communication with any correspondence from any part of the world
    If you do wish to receive your Inheritance funds immediately you should go through us in other to receive funds in the next five working days.
    The only thing required from you is to obtain Non-Resident Clearance Form/Receipt and we will help you see that you obtain the form so that our bank will effect immediate transfer of your inheritance sum in to your designated bank account you will provide for us. If you follow up our directives your fund will reflect in your account within five working Bank days from the day you obtain this form. Do not go through anybody again but through us if you really want your fund. Please respond through my private email.
    If you want to complain also, please give us the following details:
    Your name and address
    Your account number and sort code, if you are one of our customers
    Your daytime phone number (where we can contact you if we need to) and any times you would prefer us to contact you, along with the time zone that you are in
    A clear description of your concerns or complaint
    Details of what you would like us to do to put the matter right
    Copies of any relevant letters, policies and references.
    Yours sincerely,
    Mr. Harry Smith,
    Private Banking Section. Barclays Bank Plc.

  16. Ivan Greenslade

    I have had dealings with Barclay’s Bank in my capacity as the executor of a will. The problems I have had with them have to be experienced to be believed. As an organisation I regard them as being beneath contempt.

  17. Krishna

    Dear sir,

    I rececive the mail from Mr. Terry ( and he told me that i have won the MICROSOFT lottory Prizr GBP 500,000.00 and he has given me this Bank Add :

    Direct On-line Wire Transfer.
    Name of Account Officer:MR. MICHAEL SMITH (Account Officer)
    Name of Bank: Barclay’s Bank UK
    International funds transfer department

    and told me Mr. Smith will be transfer that amount in you Account.

    Is this Correct or leagle transaction ? Please suggest me .


  18. A wilde

    Why is Barcays the biggest load of crap as a bank it stinks. They never answer complaints they do not answer letter they are the worse bank in the uk

  19. Dianne C White

    I am extremely dissatisfied with Barclay’s Bank US Air MasterCard. I never received my welcome package with my two $99 companion fare coupons and got nothing but a run around from them. I paid my $79 for the card and do expect them to come through with what they “promise”. I was told that it was now too late to send the coupon (welcome package) since it would have expired 3/31/10. Well, another one can be sent with a different date on it. It isn’t that hard especially if they want to have people comment on the service. I have contacted US Air and they gave me a number to call but it went to the Phillipines. I was transferred to another number and gosh, it wasn’t a working number. I have really had it and on a flight when the attendents came around with the applications, I told her of what Barclay Bank did to me. They really don’t want to ehar the bad stuff but I will continue to relate what horrible service I have gotten from them. I hope that somebody from the bank reads this and will make good on what they have done wrong.

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  21. Michele

    My complaint is their “customer service”.
    I have had a cc for many years and have paid the balance every month. I do not have an issue re. charges. However, I called with a simple question, an hour later and 2 agents later, I finally got the one sentence answer I was seeking. Why? Perhaps it is my inadequate communication.
    But I believe it is because the call was routed to the Philippines. They might speak English. However, their communication skills are lacking.
    I called to complain at another Barclay # it was answered in the Philippines. I have been on hold for 20 minutes still counting.

  22. T.Daniel

    Hi Lesley, (article published October 15 2007)

    How interesting I found you story dated above.

    I too experienced the same service from Barclay’s. And like you I will never open a Barclay’s account.

  23. Shelly

    I’ve been with Barclays for 28 years and they’ve been pushing their luck with me for some time now. I used to always swear by Barclays but “no more”. After a phonecall with Barclays today I’ve been left totally disgusted!! And after being passed from pillar to post to get through to the right department I had to end up askinng for the manager because I don’t know which country I had been put through but they couldn’t understand me and I couldn’t understand them and you know this because the dial-tone changes when its going through to another country.

    I made a mistake with a certain payment processing website a lot of your probably all know. I was sending an payment request to someone that owed “me” some money. There’s a tab which says send money or request money. I clicked on the wrong tab, the “send money” instead of request money. So I ended up sending money to someone that should have been sending to me. An honest mistake. At the time I was online with this person so send the money back within literally 2 minutes on the same date. I thought at the time I should ring the bank but it was a weekend and those call tend to go through to another country and you get know where with the language barrier. So I decided to leave it until Monday.

    I telephoned them today 8th August because I didn’t want to incur any charges. I had to ask to be put through to the manager because getting through to someone that understood me was a nightmare. I explained that it was an honest mistake which happned within minutes. I got one of these over confident upity bitches on the phone, which just doesn’t wash with me and explained. In the past normally they would have had some dealt with it withsome Leniency and compassion but no! All she kept spurting out was, it was your mistake not Barclays and that is the policy. There was no understanding whatsoever.

    The customer service for Barclays has TOTALLY CHANGED! In retrospect there would have been some understanding in certain cases, that being that some people spend purposely knowing they are going to overdraw. I said to her if thats how you treat someone that’s banked with you for 28 years and rings you up asking for help with a genuine mistake then I’m going to close my account. She said fine, and then told me how I go about it! TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE BEHAVIOR! She kept throwing her position at me, and I ended up telling her”yes I know who you are” but you’re still treating your customers like “shit” basically. I don’t give a damn who she is. Basically loyalty doesn’t mean a thing to them. If she’d been in front of me. with her attitude I think I’d have slapped her.

    I’ll definitely be on the lookout and taking my business elsewhere.

  24. Ronald Tytherleigh

    On Tues the 14 th of Nov I contaced Barclays Call Centre to get the Tel No of my local Barclays Branch in Pasiley to arrange an appointment for a banking advisor I was told the 29th of Nov Which I thought was bit unreasonable that was 13 days to see an advisor to open an account so I contacted their Argyle Street branch in Glasgow the telephone just rang out and rang out I tried telphone on several occassions that day but to no avail I contacted the call centre and explained my difficulty in contacting this branch they said that they would send a fax and they would contacted me I waited all day no telphone call
    I contacted ther customer services and they said that they would send a fax and a e-mail to the branch manager but it wont be until the next day before I would be contacted and they also explained that if their were customers in branch they would not answer the telphone what way to treet anybody especially with all the new type telphone systems we have now at that I lost my temper and told what they can do with ther account in no uncertain terms. I contacted Bank of Scotland in Pasiley this a very big branch and they fixed me up witth in 48 hrs they answer the telphone to people and if their busy at the counters they put on extra staff Barclays could learn some lessons on how to treat a customers their customer service people just cant be bothered no wonder ther are call centres in India if this their aproach to customers I would like to point out to Barclays their are at least 2.5 million unemployed in this country why not put some more staff in to answer your bloody phones at branch level instead of cost cut and paying fat cats their big wages and give good service and a decent intrest rate on your accounts.


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