Bendy Buses in Swansea

There is great upheaval in Swansea these days. Roads are being changed beyond all recognition….and all to accommodate the new ‘Bendy-Buses’.

There has even been talk of the possibility of closing the famous St Helens Rugby and Cricket Ground to build a raised platform to allow bendy-bus passengers to have a better view of Swansea Bay as they travel towards Mumbles. What about the rest of us? Is our view just to be of these lengthy beasts?

St Helens was formerly the home of Swansea RFC (All Whites) before their metamorphosis and amalgamation with former arch enemies, Neath RFC (All Blacks) to form the ‘Ospreys’ rugby team, who now share the magnificent new Liberty Stadium on the other side of the city, with the Swans, the local soccer team.

It is also where Garfield (Garry) Sobers hit the first ever ‘six sixes from six balls…’ bowled by Welshman, Malcolm Nash. You can click here to see a video of the achievement.

Thankfully, the roadworks in the city centre have been put on hold for the run up to Christmas to reduce traffic hold ups, however we shall have to put up with them all over again, no doubt, in the new year.

I was interested, then to read of a problem being experienced in Aberdeen where they already have some of these flexible monsters in service.

In order to comply with European law, any notice affixed to the rear of buses, must be printed in each European language. Because of this, they have decided instead not to label their vehicles at all as ‘Long Vehicles‘, seemingly resulting in occasional problems with traffic having difficulties of miscalculation when overtaking.

Another case of political correctness gone mad?

Here in Wales, we have legislation which requires every sign, notice, council newsletter, job application form etc., etc., to be bilingual, Welsh/English. There are, of course, cost implications to this, but that is generally accepted.

I wonder though, what might be the possible reaction of the council to the further increased cost of including all the possible European languages?

Time will tell!

1 thought on “Bendy Buses in Swansea

  1. Lelsey Gowen

    …And indeed…time DID tell! The bendy buses are due to be scrapped. The wierd traffic lay-out, designed to accommodate the bendy monsters created enormous confusion which contributed to two deaths. A public outcry led to the announcement of the decision. As far as I could see, the bendy buses were never operating at full capacity, and were mostly populated by very few people. A very expensive mistake.


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