Working dogs celebrated

Last week, we had to transport a beautiful and very energetic Labrador dog to the vet. His visit was for castration, which is always performed before rescued animals can be re-homed into families as pets.

He is a beautiful specimen , lively and strong, and he will surely not be with us long at Llys Nini. Somebody will very quickly fall in love with him (preferably a big strong chap, who enjoys long walks and who has a lovely big garden too!)

Apparently this dog was originally being trained as a sniffer dog, but he had other ideas and did not match up to the high sniffing standards required of him. However, this does not mean that this animal is a failure, his talents simply lie elsewhere.

He clearly decided that life is too short for all that hard work… and hard work it surely is, for all the working dogs and their trainers.

I was delighted therefore to receive my ‘First Day Covers’ of UK postage stamps this week, whose stars are The Working Dogs. They feature:

Assistance dogs,

Mountain rescue dogs,

Police dogs,

Customs dogs,

Sheepdogs and

Guide dogs.

It is great to see them being honoured in this way.

So when you go to the Post Office to buy stamps, don’t just buy plain old postage stamps!……. Always ask for the current picture stamps, especially the doggy ones! And to see a proper picture of how lovely this particular first Day Cover is, click here.

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