Unseen disability

I was reading Stonehead’s blog today and took his link to another blog.

I often get incensed when I see what appear to be ‘able bodied’ folk using up the disabled spaces in car parks, and similarly, I get cross when people who clearly are not accompanied by children park in the ‘parents & toddlers’ spaces.

These spaces are deliberately those nearest to the entrance to minimize the difficulties of the intended users, whether hampered by physical restrictions or the ten-hand-needing kids and pushchairs etc.

However, whilst it is easy to see that people either have or do not have toddlers with them, disabilities come it many forms and can often be well concealed….. but this is not to say that somebody who is coping well and looking good, does not qualify for consideration and understanding, as well as support for trying to be as un-disabled as they possibly can be at any given time.

It was sad, therefore to hear of the dreadful treatment meted out to a customer at a Wetherspoons pub by somebody who held the title of ‘Manager’ but whose achievement was simply to manage to upset and humiliate a disabled person.

Afraid of being knocked over by the crowd leaving at the end of the evening (and, by the way, having drunk only non alcoholic beverages), this young lady was shouted at and told to leave at once… oh I can’t say any more, I am so cross! You go and read it for yourself here!

I am not in the habit of frequenting Wetherspoons pubs, but if I were, I should make a point of taking my custom elsewhere.

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