Formula One returning to the Beeb

Hooray! I have to say that I for one am delighted that Formula One is to return to the BBC after twelve years of missed moves during lengthy adverts.

I have long advocated that ITV needed to insert a window into the adverts so that people could continue to watch the racing that they had tuned in to see, as is done on Spanish TV.

But this new announcement is even better.

All I hope now is that the Beeb has the sense and fortune to include Martin Brundle in its production team…. he was the one worthy asset ‘owned’ by ITV.

I am perfectly happy for my TV licence fee to be used to allow me to watch what I want to see without interruption by long and often boring adverts. Meanwhile for this season, I shall have to do as I always do, and go and make a cuppa during the intervals

3 thoughts on “Formula One returning to the Beeb

  1. Sao Paulo

    I you like the BBC TV Licence you will always be happy with the BBC but the truth is the majority don’t wont a BBC TV Licence and have no choice but to subsidise the likes of you.

    Hopefully one day you’ll be forced to fund it by yourself

  2. Rich Boakes

    Amen! (…and that’s about as religious as I get).

    Brundle has been the saving grace of the ITV’s otherwise embarrasing and annoying coverage – from the Bond inspired opening credits (featuring jumpsuit-clad, flag waving ladies and roulette wheels), through Louise Goodman’s irrelevant drivers overalls to James Allen’s witless commentary, via the intrusive, unwelcome and never-at-a-natural-break-in-the-action adverts.

  3. Rich Boakes

    Sao’s comment smells of spam to me. It doesn’t mention F1 and doesn’t really refer to the license fee in the same context as the content. Sao, are you a real human?


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