Avoid the Metro Hotel in Woking

I don’t believe it!!!

Following the shameful behaviour of the people in Ashstead in Surrey last year, today there has emerged a disgraceful episode in Woking, again in Surrey, where an injured soldier, sent home for treatment to a war wound, was kicked out of a hotel which he had booked into earlier in the day.

He had gone to Woking to visit another injured soldier, a friend of his. He booked into the Metro Hotel earlier, made his visit, and when he returned to his room to sleep at about 10pm he was asked for ID. He showed his military ID and was told that soldiers were unwelcome there!

He was promptly kicked out and had to spend an uncomfortable night in his car.

Personally, as the daughter of a World War Two RAF hero, and the grand daughter of two soldiers who fought in World War One, I very strongly object the the treatment meted out to this wounded soldier .

Sadly, on the same day that this disgusting behaviour was reported, another young British Soldier was reported to have been killed in Afghanistan.

All I can say is that, if I  should ever need a hotel in Woking, I would rather sleep in my car, or even on a pavement, than stay at the Metro Hotel in Woking.

There is a saying that all publicity is good publicity…………Let’s hope that this will prove to be the exception to the rule.

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