Penyrheol School Illuminations

At a time when just about everyone in the country is fitting energy saving bulbs in their homes, tightening their belts against the economic crunch we are facing, having cavity wall insulation installed, closing curtains at dusk, turning down the thermostat and wearing extra clothes, switching off pilot lights and lights that are not strictly necessary……

At a time when many Local Councils are switching off street lights completely to conserve energy and cut costs…

Penyrheol Primary School is lighting up the sky again.

It is, however, not quite so wasteful as it used to be.  Only eight of the massive globes were lit this week.  They also went off by 2100 hours which is a slight improvement.

On other occasions, there have been 18 globes lit from before dusk until after 9.00pm  Indeed, on more than one occasion they have all been left on all night.

Now…. at this time of the year, all the children are safely home before dusk.

These lights are presumably there to help adults to find their way into the school to attend keep fit classes and the like.  There was a grand total of 5 cars in the car park on Thursday

There are already adequate street lights in Penyrhoel.

They are on all night.

There are already adequate security lights around the school.

Why cannot the people attending the school in the evenings, each purchase a small torch …possibly like the one I myself use when I take my dog for a walk at night?

Presumably it is our Council Tax which is used to pay for this blatant extravagance?

Grrrrrrrrrrr !

1 thought on “Penyrheol School Illuminations

  1. Deborah

    Hi Lesley,

    Re your comment on Stoney’s blog.

    I’m luck enough to have a few sour/wild cherry trees that have been quite prolific. If you can get hold of any the recipe I used is here

    They’re not quite the same as commercial and are not as firm, I think because I do use ripe cherries but they still taste sugary just like the ‘real’ thing. A bit time consuming but it does seem a pity to waste food and I use them to stretch dried fruits in cakes. I think I’ll have to try growing some grapes next and drying those – I am in France so it should be easy to grow grapes 😀



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