Monthly Archives: February 2009

Is Abbey/Santander in difficulties?

Is Abbey/Santander in difficulties?  If not, why will it not release our money?

Some ten years ago, my husband and I each invested in ISAs in The Abbey National in Swansea.

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New speed restrictions pending

At long last, Swansea City & County Council are about to install traffic calming measures, a pelican crossing and a 20mph speed limit in Frampton Rd, Gorseinon.

This is necessary because it is a busy road passing a primary school.   However, we don’t think it will make a lot of difference to the standard of driving in the area unless it is combined with a permanent speed camera.

In today’s unusual conditions, though, not even a camera could deter some of the local “children” who came out to play in the snow!

If you click the picture, it might grow a little!