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Rainbow Bridge, Llys Nini


On Thursday, The Bishop Of Swansea and Brecon, the Right Reverend Lord Bishop Anthony Pierce came to Llys Nini to dedicate and open the Rainbow Bridge. It was also a celebration of the tenth anniversary of the opening of the lovely animal re-homing centre at Penllegaer, Swansea, after its move from the old Dogs’ Home at Singleton Park, Swansea.. Continue reading

Buy Fresh; Be Safe

There are plans to build a new Asda store in Gorseinon.

Having watched a programme on BBC One Wales this morning about the lack of good practice at Asda, I am more than ever convinced that the place to buy food is from local suppliers, like the farm shop and the excellent local butcher who of course knows his sources.

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Postmen & Rubber Bands

Is it just in this area?

Or do ALL postmen litter the place with large red rubber bands?

Clearly there must be an endless supply of rubber bands available to postmen to bundle up letters to make their daily deliveries easier, as each morning as I walk my dog, there are more and more of them on the ground.

Peculiarly, too, they seem to gather in groups Continue reading